It's interesting how advanced degrees seem to equalize the median earnings at least among women, excluding Asian women. The median earnings for a bachelor's degree and advanced degrees for White, Hispanic, and Black women are almost the same. Obviously that doesn't account for access to these levels of education… » 12/12/14 2:40pm 12/12/14 2:40pm

Yeah... I was a super producer of milk, like more than 20 oz. in one sitting, walking cow-lady levels of milk production. If this were true I should have lost weight even easier than other people. Yet I'm still 20 lbs. up post-baby two years later, so I call shenanigans on this myth. I'm sure it can help, but like all… » 12/12/14 1:33pm 12/12/14 1:33pm

My mom was a very clean lady and a little paranoid about germs, so we would be bathed every day from infancy to middle childhood. By the time we were older, we showered a few times a week on our own. Then back to showering every day once the stinky teens hit. » 12/10/14 3:10pm 12/10/14 3:10pm

Maybe it depends on the group? My last office had a white elephant gift exchange and it meant you brought whatever horrible thing hanging around in the back of your closet that your great aunt Tilly gave to you, and you want to get rid of it (usually in exchange for something equally as tacky and useless). Hilarity… » 12/08/14 3:43pm 12/08/14 3:43pm

Ketchup is how we did it too. I don't have my grandmother's secret tourtiere recipe (yet) but we always put ketchup on it. At this point in my life I don't think I could have tourtiere without it. It's part of the memory and the flavor for me. » 12/08/14 1:12pm 12/08/14 1:12pm

Mine to my husband happened very suddenly. It felt like it was a slow burn at the time, but reflection reveals that we went from meet-cute to exclusive within a month. Another month or so later, it was lurve. By four or five months we were dreaming about marriage in the future. I was in college and 19 at the time,… » 12/08/14 10:35am 12/08/14 10:35am

I think if you're worried, the best thing to do is to go to your doctor. You don't need to go to L&D if you have an OBGYN, they will perform what is called a "stress test" which will monitor the baby's heartbeat over a hour or so to see if they seem to be under stress. » 12/08/14 10:05am 12/08/14 10:05am